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Domain7 is a digital transformation agency.  We invest our time in creating highly collaborative, transparent client partnerships that result in lasting change for our clients and their end users, as a result of both the products we build, and the process we go through together.

We are hiring a full stack rails developer.

We want to welcome a motivated developer who can jump in, learn how our team builds software, join project teams in planning great products, and code them to life in an agile development cycle.

Here are some things we believe in, that our ideal candidate will as well:

  • The web is powerful, transformative, democratizing platform.

  • Products are better built in a transparent, collaborative, agile partnership, with the client, end users, developers, designers, researchers, ideators, PMs, and UX experts.

  • Quality and maintainability are important.  Our products should be robust, tested, and another developer should be able to pick up where we left off.

  • Growth matters.  We want our team members to grow in their technical and soft skills, and to play an active role in the rest of the team’s growth.

  • The entire Domain7 team is valuable. We want our efforts to help make team members across their company better at their work, and enjoy working with us.

  • Feedback and review is positive: We like to pair program on tough challenges, evaluate each other’s code, share case studies, debrief, and iterate our own process

As far as your technical skills, we’d love to hear about your experience with:

  • Databases: We use Postgres a lot, but we’ve also coded against Mongo, SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL

  • Languages and Frameworks:  We lean heavily toward open source tech, and our framework choice of the past couple years has been Ruby on Rails, but we’ve also worked with the LAMP stack

  • API development and consumption: We love REST and JSON, and we hope you do too, but we’ve worked with SOAP and XML as well.

  • Front-End: We’ve used AngularJS to build more performant client-side experiences.  Have you created a successful product on ember, Angular, React, backbone? Also, while this posting is not for a front-end developer (we have a dedicated front-end team) we’d still love to know what your level of strength is in semantic markup and responsive styling

  • Lifecycle Tools: We love git for source control, track errors with sentry, manage user stories in Pivotal Tracker, and write tests in Cucumber and RSpec

  • DevOps: This would be a bonus for us - but if you have the chops, we’d love to hear about your experience with OpenStack, Docker, Chef, Apache modules, etc


So, introduce yourself to us!  Tell us about the products you’ve been a part of making, what roles you’ve played in making them, the tech you’ve used, and teams you’ve been a part of.  Also, what are you passionate about, where do you want your career to go, and why you think we are a good match for each other?

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